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Countdown to Halloween


We know it may seem early to some but, we love HALLOWEEN! This weekend we will start transforming our boo-tiful stores to ensure a fang-tastic season.

Cavalier Belgian Chocolate


Cavalier is the “pioneer in chocolate without added sugars” winning many awards including “Superior Taste”. These chocolate bars are aimed at chocolate lovers who want to or have to avoid sugars but without compromising on taste.

Cavalier chocolate is Fairtrade, Halal, Kosher, and uses Environmentally Sustainable practices including wind energy and obtained certification from FSC, PEFC,  & RSPO.

Italian Chocolate


Perugina is one of the most loved and widely known chocolates-makers around the world creating authentic, rich chocolate in the heart of Italy since 1907. Their passion for new flavour combinations results in perfect pairings.

What happens when the icy freshness of limoncello encounters the intense taste of dark chocolate? An authentic delight for the palate with an all Italian flavour. 

Walker’s Toffees

British SweetsCandyChocolateGluten-free

Walker’s Nonsuch Toffee is one of England’s finest and oldest makers of traditional toffee.  They are based in the heart of the Potteries, in Longton, Stoke on Trent and are one of the few family owned, independent companies left in the sweetie industry. We carry the individually wrapped toffees (i.e, creamy, treacle, liquorice, mint,  & dark chocolate covered) and the toffee bars (i.e., original, treacle, liquorice, fruit&nut, brazilnut, & hazelnut).

A Guilty Pleasure from Narnia?

British SweetsGluten-freeRetroVegan

Some people took time to get accustomed to dark chocolate and may take longer for Turkish Delight. We find many start with the British chocolate covered variety, move to the British rose & lemon squares, then try the lovely authentic Turkish variety!

Berry Season!

AmericanBritish SweetsCandyDutchGerman CandyGluten-freeVegan

You may fall for our lovely berry selection! Try our Dutch raspberries, German fruit & sour berries, or the Haribo blackberry & raspberry combo.