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Champagne Dreams

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The ultimate Valentine’s vignette…

Champagne dreams organic gummy bears, coupled with Amborella Organics’ champagne seed-bearing lollipops, dark chocolate hearts and misty mints. Perfection!  

Taste the Rainbow!

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One of the reasons we love candy so much is because of how bright and fun it is in colour! Just looking at it makes us happy!

Millions Sweets

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You’re one in a million! And so are these amazing sweets from the UK. Each tiny bite is packed full of intense flavour. Strawberry, Bubblegum, Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Cola,  and Apple. Most flavours suitable for vegetarians and Kosher needs! 



Many of our customers are just discovering that we carry a variety of Kool-Aid flavours year ’round!!! Did you know that its uses go far beyond a simple drink mix? Cleaning, temporary hair dye, playdough colouring… it can even remove rust stains!!!

Camille Block Mousse Chocolate

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These beautiful Swiss bars are to DIE FOR! Available in Milk and Dark varieties, this smooth, rich chocolate will satisfy that “melt in your mouth” craving. We all know New Year’s resolutions never last, so might as well jump the gun and treat yourself! You deserve it. PLUS… chocolate is actually really good for both your body and soul! 😉 

Norwegian Freia Chocolate


Sadly, it looks as though this will be our last season carrying these beautiful bars until we can source them more affordably. If you haven’t yet tried this smooth, rich chocolate from Norway – we highly recommend it!