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Happy Thanksgiving Weekend

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We want to take a moment to thank all of our customers. We are truly grateful for your support of our family business. We will be open regular hours all weekend. Please stop by with your family and reminisce about the candies of your past. We love hearing your stories about your special treats.thanks

World Whiskey Day

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The pairing of whiskey and chocolate is a perfect ritual for today. It’s the little indulgences that make for a sweet life!


International Beaver Day!

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While the beaver is Canada’s national animal, they are found around the world. International Beaver Day brings awareness to the plight of the beaver and the benefits of the dams they create.

Be a true Canadian and celebrate the beaver, eh!

Drink Wine Day!


Okay, so Barb doesn’t need an excuse to drink wine. However, since it is National Drink Wine Day we will celebrate! This day was created to spread the positive benefits of wine including; reduced risk of heart disease, enhancing food, and sharing a drink with new friends! We think that a glass of wine should always be paired with chocolate. Cheers!


Our Ce Moi Truffles from France are perfect wine partners!



Irish Coffee Day


Today we celebrate Irish Coffee Day! Irish coffee is a delicious cocktail made with black coffee, sugar, Irish whiskey, and whipped cream. Why not kick start the day with an Irish cream chocolate covered coffee bean. Then, end your day curled up with a heavenly mug of warm Irish coffee!

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Beaver Buzz

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Beaver Buzz Energy Drinks are powered with caffeine and herbal ingredients, such as guarana and ginseng that provide students with the perfect level of energy to get through whatever the day may throw their way! For some, these ingredients provide enhanced concentration and mental alertness immediately after consuming the beverage.