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Tickled Pink!

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Pink is one of the most popular colours when it comes to party themes! Perfectly pink bubblegum, cotton candy, jelly bellies, lollisticks, strawberry mentos, and swedish berries are pretty and delicious!

Sweet or Salty?

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Salmiakki, a salty licorice, is a popular treat in Finland and the Netherlands. Our favourite is the Halva Salmiakki drops. For a sweeter licorice, the RJ licorice logs and Panda sticks are our top sellers!

St. Patrick’s Day Candy

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Leprechauns and Rainbows!  We have a wonderful assortment of candies that are perfect for your St. Patrick’s day party. Create a candy buffet or lucky loot bags by choosing from gold coins, rainbow belts, gold mine gum, caramel apple pops, milk chocolate gold bricks, apple & watermelon airheads, spearmint leaves, mint chocolate M&Ms, apple laffy taffy ropes, spearmint laces, British bonbons, and so much more! 

Hazardously Sour Candy

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Take the toxic challenge! If you are a sour fan, we have just the candy for you including: toxic waste, warheads, or try the British Mega Sours if you dare!

Have a “Marvel”ous Day!

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Marvel themed candies are perfect for your superhero! Whether you pop them into their Easter basket, fill a party loot bag, or just surprise them after school with one of these special treats, there is sure to be a happy ending!


Princess for a Day!

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Make it a day of joy, fun, and make believe! Inspire girls to be tomorrow’s heroes. We have sweet items to put in the loot bags from chocolate surprise eggs, pez, jelly bellies, and milk chocolate bars.