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For your special someone…

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It’s the last weekend to pick up goodies for your special someone, and we still have quite a selection of Valentine’s treats to choose from! 

Fire + Passion

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These limited edition Mike & Ike, and Hot Tamale theatre boxes are the perfect addition to your Valentine’s Day gift plans. 

Valentine’s Selection: Big Hunk, Sweetarts & More!

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This February, we’ve got you covered with our Valentine’s Day selection… just don’t leave it too late, we might run out of Big Hunks!!!

Champagne Dreams

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The ultimate Valentine’s vignette…

Champagne dreams organic gummy bears, coupled with Amborella Organics’ champagne seed-bearing lollipops, dark chocolate hearts and misty mints. Perfection!  

Taste the Rainbow!

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One of the reasons we love candy so much is because of how bright and fun it is in colour! Just looking at it makes us happy!

Camille Block Mousse Chocolate

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These beautiful Swiss bars are to DIE FOR! Available in Milk and Dark varieties, this smooth, rich chocolate will satisfy that “melt in your mouth” craving. We all know New Year’s resolutions never last, so might as well jump the gun and treat yourself! You deserve it. PLUS… chocolate is actually really good for both your body and soul! 😉