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Hot & Spicy!

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Spring is turning up the heat! What about you? If you like hot & spicy treats we have a huge variety to choose from. New to our shelves is the Double Vision Chocolate locally made by Sun Song Foods.


Send a Card to a Friend Day

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Unfortunately in the day of technology, the small gesture of sending mail to a friend has been lost. Our Mighty Meds might be just what the doctor ordered to help celebrate this day.

From the Extra Strength Damitol for those who have had enough!


To those that just need an extra day off!


With over 70 different titles, these candies come in novelty medication-like packaging to deliver the ultimate cure… laughter!

mighty med large rack

Thornton’s Viennese

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Our daughter’s favourite chocolate bar is the Thornton’s Viennese bar from Britain. This year, along with the bar, we have a beautiful box filled with these famous truffles containing light, fluffy mousse, surrounded by Thornton’s special chocolate blend finished with crisp sugar. Truly delicious!


Star Wars Candy

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Now for the Star Wars fan. Not only do we have these wonderful ornaments, we have Kinnerton Star Wars Selection boxes from Britain, pop rocks, pez, and novelty tins.


Ornaments for your tree

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Every year we have a tradition of each getting an ornament for the tree. When our kids leave home, they will be able to decorate their first year with at least 18 ornaments.

For the frozen fan, we have these lovely ornaments that contain a cookie inside. They can be refilled every year with another sweet!


Halloween Lunches

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Want something special to add to your child’s lunches this Halloween season? Try these adorable packages of delicious animal shaped cookies half covered with milk chocolate.