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Black Friday Week Continues …

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With ribbon candy fences, gumdrop pathways, and cookies & cream gummy gingerbread men everywhere, gingerbread houses are a wonderful way to decorate for the holidays. To ensure you have a lovely variety of candy, we have an amazing deal on bulk candy bags. Our special daily deal for Tuesday, November 23, is buy 5 bags and get 2 free!


Pick a Strawberry Day


We have some lovely “strawberries” to pick from!


Golf Day May 18th

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While people are dusting off their clubs to herald in the start of golfing season, we are “playing through”. We won’t tell anyone that our clubs don’t get dusty on Vancouver Island. Besides, who doesn’t want to celebrate golf today!


World Baking Day


Celebrate today by baking something sweet! We have unique items to help decorate your baked goods including edible glitter, mini candy eyes, and chocolate pearls.


Lovely Licorice Day!

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Licorice Day celebrates the rich history of black licorice which is extracted from the licorice plant. We love our licorice at Sweet Delights and carry a wide variety of licorice from around the world. Choices range from licorice root that can be used to flavour a drink or can be chewed for medicinal purposes, to the Finish Salmiakki salty liquorice to the British to “Allsorts” that are confectionery sweet licorice. We also have sugar-free, gluten-free and vegetarian licorice. Choose your favourite to celebrate today!


Black Liquorice – Love it or Hate it!

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People tend to have a love/hate relationship with black liquorice. Purists would love for the red “liquorice” to retire, while those who despise the “stuff” may not have actually tried the amazing varieties out there! Certainly the Haribo Wheels, Licorice Pastilles, and School Chalk all have a sweetness that may entice those haters to join the “dark” side! Many love the Panda Finnish soft liquorice, however the RJ Natural Licorice from New Zealand is our family’s favourite. From pure liquorice root, to the Dutch double salted coins, we believe Sweet Delights has something that just may entice you to give it a try!


We even have gluten-free and sugar-free varieties!