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Canadian Candies

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Our Canadian candies are so popular with all the tourists and international students heading back home. Some of the top picks are Eat More, Big Turk, Coffee Crisp, Thrills Gum, Smarties, and Maple Syrup candies and lollipops. We also have some souvenir Simpkin Tins to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary.



Easter Baskets & Bouquets


Make Easter a little easier this year with our pre-made baskets and bouquets filled with quality candies and chocolates sure to please all ages! We can create lovely customized baskets to include; nut safe, gluten-free, vegan, kosher, or sugar-free treats. 

Hop on in for your Easter Sweets!

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We have a lovely selection of Easter treats that are hopping off the shelves! From British Cadbury Popping Bunnies, Mini Smarties Chicks, and Laura Secord Marshmallow bars to chocolate eggs, Paw Patrol chocolate nets, and German chocolate critters for Easter Egg Hunts.

Sweet or Salty?

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Salmiakki, a salty licorice, is a popular treat in Finland and the Netherlands. Our favourite is the Halva Salmiakki drops. For a sweeter licorice, the RJ licorice logs and Panda sticks are our top sellers!

Have a “Marvel”ous Day!

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Marvel themed candies are perfect for your superhero! Whether you pop them into their Easter basket, fill a party loot bag, or just surprise them after school with one of these special treats, there is sure to be a happy ending!


Princess for a Day!

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Make it a day of joy, fun, and make believe! Inspire girls to be tomorrow’s heroes. We have sweet items to put in the loot bags from chocolate surprise eggs, pez, jelly bellies, and milk chocolate bars.