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Millions Sweets

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You’re one in a million! And so are these amazing sweets from the UK. Each tiny bite is packed full of intense flavour. Strawberry, Bubblegum, Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Cola,  and Apple. Most flavours suitable for vegetarians and Kosher needs! 

Adult Advent!

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Holiday preparation is a very stressful time of year- some call it the Super Bowl for Moms. While finding or building the perfect advent calendar for your kids is often the focus leading up to December 1st, don’t let yourself be forgotten! 

This year we’re proud to be carrying an exclusive German adult advent calendar by Trumf, filled with 24 lovely liqueurs for a daily treat throughout your month of holiday preparations! Call to reserve your own, or stop by before December 1st! (We only have a few left in stock). 

Shortbread Day!


Shortbread is an absolutely delicious kind of cookie (sweet biscuit) usually made with one part sugar, two parts butter, and three parts white flour. Stewart’s shortbread tins are filled with a selection of delicious, traditional Scottish shortbread. The tinsĀ feature beautiful, embossed, photographic images that are perfect as a keepsake or gift.


Saturday Night Cocktails

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Happy Saturday! Whether you’re in for a night on the town, or an evening on the couch, these Cocktail Lounge Mints are the perfect sidekick! They are the perfect size for your purse, and can be enjoyed on their own, or after drinks.


Moo Free Bars

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Brand new arrival at Sweet Delights – Mini Moos! These British “chocolate” bars are dairy free, gluten free and vegan to suite your needs! We are currently carrying the original chocolate and orange flavoured varieties.


Can You Handle It?


It’s one thing to enjoy a taste of tartness, but can you handle the extreme sour? We carry a large selection of sour candy, with the most popular being the Warheads products. From jelly beans and sour twists, to dipping powder and the classic hard candies, we’ve got it all! Challenge your friends and family to see who can keep these in their mouths the longest!