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Adult Advent!

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Holiday preparation is a very stressful time of year- some call it the Super Bowl for Moms. While finding or building the perfect advent calendar for your kids is often the focus leading up to December 1st, don’t let yourself be forgotten! 

This year we’re proud to be carrying an exclusive German adult advent calendar by Trumf, filled with 24 lovely liqueurs for a daily treat throughout your month of holiday preparations! Call to reserve your own, or stop by before December 1st! (We only have a few left in stock). 

Vegan Candies

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There’s something for everyone at Sweet Delights! We carry a selection of delicious vegan candies, including the GoBio! Gummi Bears made in Canada, and the intensely flavourful Candy Meister sweets from Germany. Candy Meister flavours available include Assorted Fruit, Fizz Fruit, Raspberry, Lemon, Licorice, Mulled Wine and Ginger!


Sour Patch Fun!



For Sour Patch Kids fans, we carry Extreme Sour theatre boxes – perfect for the movies, along with all 4 gum varieties including lime, orange, redberry and watermelon. Select gum flavours also happen to be on sale, so it’s the perfect time to try them!


Etch A Sketch Day


Today is Etch A Sketch Day! Do you remember the Etch a Sketch?! These fun toys were introduced in 1960, the beginning of a decade when many favourite candies were also created including Lemonheads, Razzles, and Gold Mine Gum! The Etch a Sketch is still widely available – ours is from Timeless Toys – so you have a chance to invest in one and get sketching! Take time today to celebrate creativity through any medium of your choosing!


Evil Twins

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New product alert! Trolli’s “Evil Twins” are gummy candies that have a perfect balance of both sweet and sour. Peel the two twins apart to enjoy the flavours separately, or pop them both in your mouth together to experience a sweet and sour combination!


Gluten-Free Licorice

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If you are a licorice lover, and are disappointed when you discover that your go-to favourite contains gluten, look no further! We carry three gluten-free licorice products that are sure to make your mouth water! For a hard licorice, try the katjes-kinder; for a soft and lightly salted licorice, the Salzige Heringe should do the trick; and for a soft and sweet licorice, the Ganong Licorice Babies will be sure to satisfy!